Carton Furniture – for the cardboard lovers in your life


Cardboard furniture for kids is not something I’d ever have thought of. But now that I have, it makes perfect sense, as what do kids absolutely adore? Cardboard boxes. My own daughter is obsessed with boxes and when one lands in our house, we have a very hard time getting her hands off it. She loves to sit on it, in it and just carry it around.

Originally designed in 1965 by Riki Watanabe, the Carton Furniture Series Kids Set has been reproduced by the Metropolitan Gallery in Tokyo. It consists of one ‘table’ and two ‘stools’ but really the options for play are endless. I can see my little one using the table upside down as a nesting place for her dolls. Another fantastic element is that when tots are finished playing, the stools can be easily placed inside the table (as seen above) – a wonderous space-saver.

It comes in some lovely and lively colours and is made with only recyclable folded cardboard so there are no nails, glue or tape holding it together. This may sound flimsy but the truth is quite the opposite. The cardboard is incredibly strong and will hold the weight of an adult.

The Carton Furniture set is available from Metrocs in Japan for ¥7,140 (approximately $91 at time of writing) plus shipping. To order, follow the instructions on the Metrocs site listed here.

(Via Design Milk)

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