Carrie Bickmore talks work-mum challenges and expressing milk at the Logies

Carrie Bickmore logies daughter

Carrie Bickmore is the latest celebrity to highlight the difficult reality of being a breastfeeding working mum, with candid stories of expressing in the toilets at the Logies and even in the back of a co-worker’s car.

Working mum reality

Australia’s favourite TV host, Carrie Bickmore, is no stranger to the difficulties of being a working mum which is why she could relate to radio personality, Abby Coleman, who appeared on The Project Thursday evening and spoke about returning to work three weeks after giving birth.

“You know, I look back and don’t know what I was doing, going back after three weeks was way too soon,” Abby admitted on the show.

“There’s now a few celebrities I can’t look in the eyes because they had to come in the studio and deal with me expressing with a double pump,” she added, also mentioning that she was judged by other mothers for picking up work again so soon.

“My boobs were so big”

Abby’s story prompted 36-year-old Carrie to recall her own challenges after her daughter Evie (now two) was born.

“I was in the toilet at the Logies, six weeks after Evie, expressing, because my boobs were so big they were coming out of my top!”

The 2015 Logies were a huge deal for Carrie – she won the big Gold Logie as well as for Best TV Presenter, and gave a heartfelt speech about her passionate plight to raise money for brain cancer (her first husband and father of her son Oliver, 7, sadly passed away from the disease).

Boobs exploding out of her dress and potential rogue milk let-downs were something she couldn’t afford to let happen, hence the need for a quick trip to the loo for a ‘pump and dump’ which she says was really challenging.

“This mum-life-work-life thing isn’t working the way I planned!” she remembers thinking at the time.

Express on the run

If that story wasn’t enough to make Abby feel better, Carrie went on to also recall a time driving back from a function with Nova radio host Tim Blackwell where she was again forced to express on the go in the backseat.

“He looked up in the rear vision, and I said, ‘Don’t look at me! Eyes on the road!'” the mum of two hilariously explained.

“The poor guy was like ‘I’ll keep looking [at the road], anyway, how’s your day been?'”

Pump power

We love Carrie’s refreshing honesty about how hard it actually is to not only be a working mum, but one who’s also breastfeeding. Other celebrities are not being shy about sharing their challenges and realities too – such as pop star Pink and mum of two, who recently posted a photo of herself double pumping while backstage during her UK concert tour.

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And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak

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A recent #Ipumpedhere social campaign (where women post photos of the worst places they’ve had to express) is also another initiative that’s encouraging breastfeeding (and all the challenges that come with it), to become mainstream, normal, accepted and less challenging.

Here’s hoping! Have you had any awkward expressing or breastfeeding moments?

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