Career Change Happens after maternity leave with EDTRIN

While we’re on maternity leave, it can seem like the entire world stops. We spend those beautiful, seemingly endless hours staring at our gorgeous newborns, cooing at our babies and teaching our toddlers. And then we prepare to head back into the workforce and realise very quickly the world has indeed continued to move at a frantic pace. Fear not – you can brush up on your skills, or learn completely new ones. Career Change Happens (CCH) is a career pathways initiative of EDTRIN that is designed for you.


Career Change Happens (CCH) is about that transition moment you have when you feel like it might be time to get back into the working world of business and work-life; hanging out more with the big kids, not just the little ones. CCH is about empowering you to make that move in the way that is most comfortable and relevant for you, taking account of your personal and career needs and desires – as well as your family situation.

The true basis of what EDTRIN does is empowerment. The company’s key aim is to focus on each individual – so that career development is at the forefront, not just course completion. This means creating educational goals and career pathways that suit your family and your situation.


It can be daunting to try and re-enter a workforce that has continued to evolve, while you’ve been raising a family. Even with a solid education base, many employers are looking for multi-skilled potential employees. The Career Change Happens initiative from EDTRIN can offer you a wide range of career development options. To get a sense of how you might up-skill, re-skill or even develop entirely new entrepreneurial skills and training, take their free, three minute Career Quiz now.

(This is a sponsored post for EDTRIN)

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