Capture them every day with Tinybeans online journal

Want a more private way to share your children with loved ones than via Facebook? Conscious of not overloading all and sundry on your friends list with images and tidbits of your little one’s day? We have just the site for you!

It’s super-easy to use and is as private as you want it to be – Tinybeans is an online journal you can use to record each and every day with your children, sharing it with people who really do want to know everything they did. What a stunningly detailed record to have for all time and for those who live far away.

Operate Tinybeans from your smartphone with the Tinybeans iPhone app – simply take a photo with your iPhone and it will automatically load to your Tinybeans Calendar Journal. Two parents can upload to the same journal which is set to private until you customise it and if you want to publish a moment on Facebook, you can do that too!

Mandi met with founder Sarah-Jane Kurtini, who said:

Tinybeans is a website that allows parents to easily create a journal of their children’s photos and share it with family and friends. So many parents we spoke to said they intended to keep an ongoing record of photos and milestones but often didn’t get around to it. Also, parents said they were conscious about being ‘baby bores’ on Facebook but a small circle of friends and family really did want to see every photo. We’re aiming to solve those problems.

They’re also working on printing solutions so parents can reproduce the journal if they wish, for gifts or keepsakes for the children. I’ve already started my Tinybeans journal, now it’s your turn. Try it out!

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