Cancer warrior mum’s baby joy after “almost 0 percent” pregnancy chance

Tiny newborn baby

A mum-of-two who endured eight months of chemotherapy to treat a form of leukaemia has defied the odds, giving birth to a baby boy, despite being told she had almost no chance of having another child.

Devastating diagnosis

Kayleigh Gilbert, from Suffolk in England was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia back in June 2014.

Kayleigh was understandably devastated by her diagnosis, explaining that she was particularly worried that she may never realise her dream of growing her family, as aggressive chemotherapy was recommended.

“When I first went into the hospital, my first question was ‘will I have anymore kids?’ I didn’t care if I was going to die, or have my hair fall out. I wanted to know if it’d ruin my chances of having future kids.” Kayleigh told Cambridge News.

1 percent chance of another baby

Doctors confirmed Kayleigh’s concerns, saying that she had almost no chance of having another baby, post-chemo.

“The doctor just looked at me. I could tell in his face. He said that there was a 1 percent, almost a 0 percent chance of being able to have children again with chemotherapy.”

Kayleigh said she had her heart set on a third child, and in stressful circumstances, she considered not going ahead with her treatment.

“I told my mum that maybe I shouldn’t have chemo, but she told me, ‘don’t be silly, you’ve got two little girls at home that need you’. But I wanted another baby. I was chuffed with my girls, but I had always wanted a little boy,” Kayleigh explained.


Of course, Kayleigh did go ahead with the chemo – for eight gruelling months. She seemed to be recovering well, when she began to feel very unwell again.

Terrified the cancer had returned, the mum-of-two assumed the worst.

“The thing that came into my head was that the only thing that could make this happen is cervical cancer,” Kayleigh says.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, thought there might be something else at play…


“I was baffled at what it could be. My boyfriend told me to take a pregnancy test for his peace of mind. He had this niggling feeling. He said I was tired, eating differently, grumpy. So I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.”

A trip to the oncologist confirmed her third-time, mum-to-be status (and also that things were further along than they might have imagined!)

“The oncologist got me in a couple days later. And we were extremely shocked to find that there was a baby there. It wasn’t a little jellybean – it was a fully formed baby. We were in shock,” Kayleigh laughs.

It’s a boy!

Despite doctors’ predictions and concerns, Kayleigh gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Eilon, on June 9th.

“The baby popped out within five minutes. We didn’t find out what we were having until after the birth, so to find it was a boy was incredible.”

The family are preparing to face their first Christmas with their ‘miracle’ baby, two years after being told they’d never have another child.

Congratulations to Kayleigh and her family on this excellent development! We wish them healthy and happy days ahead.


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