Can maternity bras be comfortable and functional? The reviews are in!

Triumph bra reviews

Who better to judge the performance of a maternity bra than a pregnant or breastfeeding Babyologist? We say there are none better, so we enlisted a small army of our mums to give some popular maternity bras the ultimate workout. So, did they hold up to the task?

While our bellies get the ultimate workout through pregnancy, it’s our breasts that come in a close second, as they change and develop in anticipation of breastfeeding. And once our babies arrive, there’s more to come – they are constantly changing shape and size as milk comes in and goes out.

So when we choose a maternity bra, it needs to function as a comfortable piece of clothing that will support and allow easy feeding access. We opened up the Triumph maternity bra wardrobe to almost 30 Babyology mums and mums-to-be, in a bid to get their honest opinions on just how these bras stand up to the rigours of growing breasts during pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Our pregnant reviewers

Almost half of the mums we enlisted to take part in our Triumph reviewer were pregnant – some just a few weeks along and others in the second and third trimesters. More than 90 per cent found their bra comfy and easy to use, and all said it was supportive.

Wire-free maternity bras

Most of our reviewers chose to trial a wire-free bra, which obviously raises the question about just how supportive they are for pregnant and breastfeeding women. In a glowing endorsement, every one of the women who tested the wire-free bras found them supportive.

Many of the mums also commented that the bras are comfortable enough to sleep in, yet offer incredible support – these bras are a double threat!

“I adore everything about these bras!”

Word of mouth is pretty much a mum’s go-to when deciding which products work and which don’t. Who has the time (or the money!) to be making mistakes when it comes to choosing maternity wear? So we’ll let our reviewers tell you what they honestly thought of their Triumph maternity bras:

“They stayed put while feeding which allowed my boy to get a great latch.”

“Would highly recommend to other mums as the bra is comfortable and supportive without compromising on style.”

“I hated the thought of wearing a maternity bra and thought my breasts would look horrible in clothes but surprisingly the Triumph bra was stylish, comfortable and I still felt relatively sexy.”

Triumph Maternity lead

“I loved the thick straps at the back, means it doesn’t feel flimsy like other breastfeeding bras. It hasn’t lost its shape in the wash like all my other breastfeeding bras have done. I like the lace on it. Feels a bit more stylish and makes you not feel like such a mum/cow all the time.”

“I have worn the bra numerous times comfortably with no issues. Love the support and shape it gives me without cutting into my skin.”

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mammas, there’s certainly no need for bra burning in this day and age, not when maternity bras are as comfy as these! If you want to see for yourself just how amazing these bras are, you can browse the range at Triumph.


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