Calm the crying with the soothing Tranquilo Mat

There’s nothing cuter than a happy baby, as all new parents can attest, but throw in a touch of colic or a missed nap and you’ll soon be wishing they came with a magic wand to help soothe those cranky tears. The Tranquilo Mat might just be the piece of baby wizardry you’ve been waiting for. Read on to discover the baby whisperer’s brilliant invention that’s helping babies move from crying to calm in seconds.


The Tranquilo Mat is a soft vibrating mat that helps soothe fussy babies by mimicking many of the natural sounds and motions of the womb. When obstetrics and baby care nurse Melissa Gersinas learnt of research that suggested newborns miss the rocking and white noise of the womb, she set about inventing this soft, flexible and easy to use soothing mat for baby to lie on.


It vibrates at high, medium or low settings or can even be set to heart beat mode, whilst also making gentle white noise, mimicking sounds from in utero. Some parents have found the mat calms their baby in less than thirty seconds! Check out how quickly it soothes the fractious little tot in this video.

The mat is so small and lightweight you can take it with you anywhere, in the pram, cot, car or even in a baby carrier.


This could be one of the best baby shower gifts you could give a new parent, a helping hand to relieve those unsettled newborn cries. The water resistant Tranquilo Mat is available in two sizes with a removable and washable cover. Lead and phthalate free, the mat is designed to meet all international standards for infant safety.

The Tranquilo Mat is available from US$65 plus shipping.

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