Calm kids’ winter coughs and colds the gentle way, with Prospan


The days are shorter, the mornings brighter, the leaves have fallen and the kids are coughing – ah, yes, winter is on its way. While they’re a cold-weather given, those seemingly endless nights comforting coughing kids, and days soothing congested children, are exhausting. Allow us to share our cough and cold secret – which is gentle on little tummies, including newborns.

Without fail, when one member of the family goes down with the cough or cold, the rest will soon follow. Misery does love company, after all! It is awful trying to comfort sick children, particularly when we’re sick ourselves. So it’s super handy to have a range of effective cough and cold relief that covers the entire family.prospan1

Last year Prospan launched its new Kids Prospan Cough Relief, and parents loved it! In particular, because it worked to relieve coughs and kids were happy to have their dose, because of its pleasant taste. It’s a natural cough medicine, and while it does help in giving kids a good night’s sleep, it’s not a sedative. It contains Hedera Helix, or Ivy Leaf Extract, which helps in clearing mucus from the airways. This, in turn, is what gives kids some relief from coughing, making for a better night’s rest. Kids Prospan is also free of sugar, colours and gluten, and is suitable for use from birth*.


You can buy Kids Prospan from pharmacies across Australia, from $14.95 for 100ml and $19.95 for 200ml. While you’re at the chemist, look for a couple of other Prospan products that you can keep handy in your family medicine cabinet. As well as Kids Prospan Cough Relief, the range includes Infant Prospan Cough Drops, and for adults: Prospan Cough Relief and Prospan Chesty Cough Lozenges.

*To assist you with dosage administration for children under two years old, talk to your pharmacist.

(This is a sponsored post for BioRevive)

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