Cake heart by Zimmerli Design

heart moulds

OK, sometimes you’ve got to admire pieces that are so sweet, they’re clearly marked ‘form over function’. Take the Variable Heart Cake Form, Betty Bossy 1996, from Swiss industrial designers Zimmerli Design.

If you’re a keen baker, you’ll know that pouring batter into the forms themselves is not going to work, and it will also mean some waste when it comes to cutting shapes in already baked cake – BUT – considering you can change the size of the hearts you’re cutting, you’ve got to love the gimmick. The heart cake form was recognised at the Swiss Design Prize 1997 and although they’re hard to find, if they go the way of their predecessor, the SIGG aluminium bottle, also from Zimmerli Design, they’ll soon be everywhere before you know it!

(Via Swiss Miss)

sigg bottles

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