The cafe dishing up the best kids’ menu in the history of ever

Ask your kids what they want for dinner and you’ll probably get a response similar to “I don’t know” or “I’m not hungry”.

One restaurant in America mimicked these common children’s replies in a kids’ menu that surpasses the rest. Feast your eyes on the funniest kids’ menu we’ve ever stumbled across.

What kid can resist a meal titled “I Don’t Care”? And especially when it’s served with chips?

Reddit user nabced recently shared a photo of a kids’ menu from a diner in Pennsylvania which has us all laughing out loud. Why? Because the brutally honest menu choices mimic our kids’ dinner suggestions to a T.

The menu includes tantalizing options such as, “I Don’t Know” (a hot dog with fries), “I Don’t Care” (chicken stripes with fries), “I’m Not Hungry” (grilled cheese with fries) and “I Don’t Want That” (fish sticks with fries).

If this isn’t the greatest menu on the planet, then I don’t know what is. Well done to Front Street Deli in Pennsylvania for combining the trials of dining with kids with the tribulations of parenting picky eaters.

And, Front Street Deli, if you’re looking to expand your culinary choices, here are a few more we think would go down a treat:

  • “I Hate That” – spaghetti and meatballs … and chips
  • “That Looks Disgusting” – chicken nuggets and chips
  • “I’m Not Eating That” – cheesy bread and chips
  • “I’m Only Eating One Bite” – pizza and chips

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