Bypass the potty-six steps to nappy freedom with Baby U’s toilet training aides

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Imagine a world where you never have to see, buy or change another nappy, a world where there are no nappies taking up space in your purse, no nappies hidden in the console of your car and no nappies on top of your grocery trolley. If that time has come to toilet train your little one, then step up to the challenge with our step-by-step guide to eliminating nappies from your life.

Toilet training takes two. Yes, your child will be the one doing the hard work, but it takes your encouragement to take the leap into the uncharted underwear territory. When your child is ready to toilet train, which is generally anywhere from 18 months to three years, our step-by-step guide and these specially-designed toilet training products from Baby U will certainly come in handy.

All of Baby U’s toilet training aides can help your child learn to use the toilet without having to rely on a potty. This means less mess for you and less confusion for them. Once they learn how to use a regular toilet, they will feel more comfortable with the prospect of using toilets when you are on the go.

1. Set the stage for success

Your mission – to set all other things aside and get your child used to the toilet. Stock up on special treats or small prizes and have them ready for any time your child uses the toilet. Use your phone timer or download a toilet training app to help set reminders.

2. Provide a comfortable environment

When your child is learning how to use the loo, it may not be an ‘in and out’ process. Make it comfortable for both of you by bringing in some books, placing a pillow on the tiled floor for you to sit and making the toilet less intimidating and more comfortable.

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Both of my kids loved the softly padded Cushie Tushie (RRP $14.99), which has glow-in-the-dark characters for night-time pees and fits securely on all regular sized toilets. It is cushioned for comfort, contoured for safety and has a deep rim for stability with a hygienic lifting handle. It even has a convenient storage hook, so when you’re not using it, you can hang it up out of the way.

3. Keep on track wherever you are

The thing about using a child sized potty is that it only works at home. Making the transition from a potty to the regular toilet can be very challenging. We opted to bypass the potty and go straight to the toilet, which worked for our family.

Mastering toilet training out of the house was our biggest challenge, especially as one rule of parenthood states that your child will need to pee halfway through your errands. The compact Cushie Traveller (RRP $13.99) is ideal for use on the go and especially when out in public. This foldable, padded toilet seat is cushioned for comfort and safety, handy to keep in the nappy bag or back of the car and is very easy to clean.

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Another great option for toilet training on the go is the Award winning Potette Plus (RRP $19.99). The two in one portable potty and trainer seat allows your toddler to stay in routine, even when there are no toilets available nearby. Never get caught short on a family road trip or day out again!

4. Get excited about underwear

For both of my children, nappies were like a security blanket. It was as though they felt naked without a nappy on to protect their little bums. Swap this security with a new obsession – underwear that is fun, colourful and ‘grown-up.’ Choose some with their favourite character. If your child likes to mimic you, then buy matching underwear so you are the same. This worked wonders with my daughter. And I now have a rather large collection of hot pink undergarments.

5. Encourage independence

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A step to the toilet is another smart investment if you choose to bypass the potty, especially if the phrase “me do it” is a common one in your household.  Baby U’s Cushie Step-Up (RRP $39.99) is a padded toilet seat and a step-up stool in one. Its specially moulded non-slip handles and extra wide non-slip floor pads provide your little one with safety and confidence.

6. Prepare for accidents

Because they will happen. Baby U’s Waterproof Sheet Protector (RRP $24.99) is a great investment when toilet training, especially as children often take much longer to stay dry at night. Waterproof and extremely absorbent, it will help keep sheets dry with its soft quilted surface and tuck-in flaps. Simply slide the sheet protector over the bottom sheet to protect mattresses and sheets from moisture and staining and enjoy no more stripping beds and wet mattresses in the middle of the night.

Remember, every child is different and how you choose to toilet train your child is entirely up to you. Even the best laid plans will sometimes go astray and if you find that toilet training is becoming a source of stress for you and your child, then take a break for a few weeks. Try not to focus on what other parents are doing and focus on your own child’s journey.

There will be a few messy moments. But there will also be plenty of happy and proud moments. Keep your eye on the prize – a house, a car and a purse without a single nappy! Good luck!

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