Busy Izzy multimedia stories – adventures, songs and tonnes of fun

Busy Izzy Book Series

She’s bubbly, friendly and always knows exactly what to do. Meet Busy Izzy, a can-do girl with a very big heart. In the fabulous multimedia series by Roxanne Kiely, kids can read, sing, boogie, rhyme and even bake with Izzy as they follow her adventures in Green Grass Grove. Busy Izzy and Newly Truly – The Big Surprise! has just been published as the second book in the series and it’s packed with fun for kids across many ages.

Busy Izzy Book Series

So, what do we mean by ‘multimedia series’? This series goes well beyond traditional children’s literature – it’s dynamic. Engaging stories are teamed up with an audio CD of catchy songs that educate and delight kids. There are also online Busy Izzy video clips for kids to dance along with, and nutrition tips and healthy recipes for little ones to tackle with parents.

Busy Izzy Book Series

A Busy Izzy app is scheduled for release within the next month and will be available via AppBooks. The app will include full audio narration of the books, including sound effects and character voices – brilliant for preschoolers who aren’t yet reading fluently. All songs listed on the music CDs will be available on the app as well as a Busy Izzy Memory Game related to the content and characters of the stories.

Busy Izzy Book Series

Izzy is a role model for young ones. She is the sort of girl who can change a flat bicycle tyre, write catchy music – she even runs her own store called Nix & Nax. Izzy gets things done, helping anyone in need, and she does it all with compassion, humour and a great sense of style.

This series is recommended for children aged three to eight years. Head over to the Busy Izzy website to read more about the series by Roxanne Kiely, access games and songs, and to buy the latest book: Busy Izzy and Newly Truly – the Big Surprise!

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