Mum discovers why her house smells of pee; confirms toddlers are gross

Brother pees in drawer

When you have toddlers you discover all kinds of gross and crazy things around the house, but one little three-year-old took things to the next level earlier this week when his mum discovered his bedroom drawer full of a bright yellow, stinking surprise.

A wee little discovery

21-year-old Phoebe Bartlett from Bournemouth in England shared a (mostly) hilarious photo of her little brother Freddie (AKA Batman) to Twitter on Tuesday and the internet is going mad for it.

“Mum has just found a draw full off piss that my 3 year old brother has been pissing in and he blamed the dog HAHA!!!”

This was the caption Phoebe posted alongside the incriminating image, which has since been retweeted over 55,000 times – completely understandable because quite frankly it’s parenting GOLD.

A stinky suspicion

Apparently their mum had been smelling urine for about a week with everyone assuming it was the family dog, but they couldn’t find any evidence. That was, until she confronted her rascal three-year-old son who opened up his bedroom drawer to reveal his dirty secret – a drawer full of p#ss.

Not surprisingly his mum promptly freaked out and started chastising her son who bawled his eyes out while still trying to say the dog was the culprit. At this point big sister Phoebe ran in and took the now famous snap of him wailing next to his makeshift toilet.

Silence really IS golden

We’re sure that little Freddie loves watching his tablet in his room, just like many other young children. Most likely a quiet little activity that gives his mum a chance to get stuff done, but she probably should have known better as silence usually means trouble when toddlers are involved.

It’s now presumed that the little Dark Knight was too preoccupied during his tablet sessions to bother going to the bathroom, and so quietly adopted a more convenient solution which was to simply wee in the drawer next to him. If you close it afterwards no one knows, right? Wrong Freddie, wrong! Darn those iPads.

Busting with comments

While some people have found Phoebe’s tweet disgusting or had mixed feelings about her decision to share it online, others think it’s pure comedy gold with thousands of great comments such as:

“I imagine batman has a piss drawer too, you ever seen a hero go to the toilet? Now we know why.”

“This is the best thing I have ever or will ever see on the Internet. We can shut the whole thing down now for all I care!”

Yellow not so mellow

According to Phoebe the pee soaked drawer has now been thrown out, because let’s face it there was no way that smell was going to come out. No details yet on whether the costume loving three-year-old has returned to going to the toilet the old fashioned way.

Oh Freddie, we love that you thought you could get away with it! You are only three after all.

What gross stuff has your toddler done around the house?


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