Burn up some energy with Bop Along Buddies

Bop Along Buddies inflatable ride ons

Bop Along Buddies ride on inflatables

If you are a child of the seventies or eighties, you probably owned (or at least remember) a Space Hopper. Now they’ve been reimagined for a new generation!

The Space Hopper was lots of fun, but frankly, not all that intuitive when it came to riding – in fact, from my memory, more time was spent on the floor than actually bouncing. That won’t be a problem with this new generation of bouncing ride-ons.

Called Bop Along Buddies, and with names like Brutus the Bull and Millie the Milk Cow, they’re as cute as they are easy to ride. What a great way to get your kids off the lounge! You can use them inside or outside and your boppers will be having fun while burning up energy and improving their balance and coordination.

The range is less than six months old, the brainchild of a small Australian husband and wife team. There are currently six designs in the range, which is made from kid safe PVC with no nasty toxins or heavy metals. More designs are due off the drawing board later this year.

Energy to burn at your place? Pick up the design of your choice directly from Bop Along Buddies, for $34.95.

Bop Along Buddies inflatable ride ons

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