Burgerdoodles wallpaper takes doodling to another level

Burgerplex wallpaper at Just Kids Wallpaper

Burgerplex wallpaper at Just Kids Wallpaper

Looking for an activity for the next kids’ sleepover? Why not grab a packet of Sharpies and get them to colour in the walls?

Yes, I really did just suggest that – but it’s not as dire as you might think. This wallpaper from Burgerplex invites you to do just that, although if you let the kids in on the act you might need to relax on colouring in the lines. Personally, I don’t think I could do it – I love the impact (even in the lounge room, and think what a great icebreaker when people come to dinner) but since I can’t even stand it when my kids stick their sticker book stickers outside the lines, it might just be a bit too high stress for our house.

If it’s just right for your place, and you’re looking for something visually high impact, you can get it at Just Kids Wallpaper. They are the only Australian stockist for Burgerplex, and have an amazing range of wallpapers for children’s rooms. Burgerdoodles wallpaper is $69 a roll and is non-woven, which means when you need to remove it, it will come off in one whole strip.

We love wallpaper here at Babyology. If you are searching for just the right one then have a look at our previous wallpaper posts (including Texta-friendly).

Burgerplex wallpaper at Just Kids Wallpaper

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