Build your own Peppa Pig story with these new construction sets

If I wrote a list of things my son loves, ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘building stuff’ would both be close to the top. So if he had to design his own toy, the new Peppa Pig construction sets would pretty much be the result. Which does make me wish we’d thought of it first. 

When he was younger, the two of us would sit on the couch and happily watch and giggle as Peppa Pig and her family had fun adventures and then all fell on their backs laughing (that’s always my favourite part. Although maybe not a good one to try at home.)

Now that we’ve seen every episode ten times, we were both really excited about the arrival of the new Peppa Pig Construction Sets and the chance to build our own Peppa stories. 

Available this month, the sets are like the TV show in block form – bright, fun, and with characters that you can easily use to simulate the falling on your back laughing trick (we tried).

Peppa Pig train

There are five different sets available – a deluxe house, a classroom, Grandpa Pig’s train, Mummy Pig’s car and a family figure pack. 

The Deluxe House Set includes a Peppa figure, a Mummy figure and 69 bricks, plus an assortment of fun stickers for your budding interior designer. 

Peppa construction house

I also really love the Classroom Set ($49.99), which is a great tool to help prepare your preschooler for a school environment. 

Peppa Pig Classroom

Best of all, the sets are compatible with Duplo, so you can use your stash at home to help pimp Peppa’s car.

The sets will soon be available from all major retailers. 

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