Bugaboo Car Seat – we can only dream


I doubt the freshly released
Bugaboo Car Seat will
see the interior of an Australian car anytime soon, but if you’ve got
some cash to splash, they make a
mighty fine capsule for your Bugaboo stroller. Wanting a slice of the
pie currently served up by Maxi Cosi, Bugaboo (with car seat
manufacturer Takata) has made its
very own version of the space-age infant transport unit, complete with
water-resistant hood, 5-point harness and of course that
distinctive logo.

They come in blue, red, black, sand and yellow, with
the adapters necessary for fitting it to your Cameleon or Bee
chassis available at additional cost.
The styling looks so lush – the fabric is immaculate
and spongy, the head area so beautifully padded, the lines slightly
soft. There is a height indicator for strap adjustment, so you know
you’ve got it set just right
for your little one.

It’s for babies from newborn up to 13kg – if you’re puzzled about
how this
works, baby has outgrown the seat once the head reaches the top of the
restraint rather than when the legs appear too long for it.
Apparently they just swing the legs over the side, and this way these
brilliant capsules last until about 14 months!

It comes close to $400 plus shipping, so this really is an
extravagance as it cannot be used as a car seat here. Still, you’ll be
toast of the high street with this atop your Bugaboo ride. Now I’m left
wondering if our car seat laws will ever accomodate the new and
wonderful child restraints coming out of Europe. I’ll be interested to
see how the Bug car seat stacks up against the Maxi Cosi in terms
of safety. For now, I’ll just keep my eyes peeled for the first influx
on Sydney streets, no doubt owned by people who travel to

If a European jaunt is not on the cards, then
Baby Trader stock both the capsules and the adapters, and have been happily and reliably shipping to Australia for a long time now.


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