Bugaboo BOO Magazine – celebrating people, mobility & design

Bugaboo BOO magazine 2012

When we received the teaser video we just couldn’t work out what Bugaboo was up to – now we know, it’s all so clear!

Congratulations to Bugaboo for creating yet another ingenious way of connecting with its fanbase, customers, stores and the media with its inaugural magazine dubbed Bugaboo BOO. I downloaded the gorgeous digital glossy onto my iPad for free and it’s a rollicking good read for anybody who is passionate not only about Bugaboo and fashion, but also design and the importance of ease of mobility.

I learned very early on in parenthood that mobility was the essence to happiness with a young baby. My first Bugaboo Cameleon way back in 2005, was a revelation after my first pram turned out to be a disaster. Bugaboo applies this philosophy to everything they do – taking six years to design and build the Bugaboo Donkey is not something most companies would consider to be good business sense, but at Bugaboo, it’s always been about the design and functionality rather than speed of production; and it sure is paying off!

Bugaboo BOO magazine celebrates people, mobility and design in this first edition, taking us on a fascinating journey from the very first idea, to the first prototype, through all the beautiful collaborations, right through to today. The user interface is of course absolutely intuitive, scrolling through columns of text, swiping to the next page; it’s just dreamy.

One thing that really piqued my interest was in the introduction – Bugaboo’s next plans are for a much wider range of mobility products. We’ll just have to wait with baited breath to see what innovation will be bestowed on us in the years to come. I think I’ll be old and grey and still watching this dazzling company do its thing. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to look into that crystal ball to see my future grandchildren riding in a Bugaboo. One question though – what will that pram be called?

Here’s the Bugaboo video introducing its sleek new magazine:

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