Bugaboo Bee – important safety notification

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Sometimes even the best laid plans go a little awry so we’re helping Bugaboo to spread the word about a safety notification concerning the Bugaboo Bee.

Here is the official word from Bugaboo which all Bee owners should read carefully:

Bugaboo would like to keep you updated on a situation that may have affected some Bugaboo Bee owners in Australia. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and their children is paramount to us and as such we continually put our products through routine safety assessments.

Having received feedback from some customers about their Bugaboo Bee front wheels not swivelling properly, a recent safety assessment conducted by an independent expert concluded there is a small chance this could cause the stroller’s front wheels to jam and potentially therefore tip over.

In light of this, we believe that the safety profile of this product is inadequate and not up to our high quality standards. We have temporarily stopped shipment and sales of the Bugaboo Bee until current production of a model with new swivel wheels is completed. We expect new stock to be available in approximately three weeks time.

The non-swivelling wheels issue may affect some of the customers that purchased their Bugaboo Bee stroller between 15 February and 23 September 2011*.

We have new swivel wheels available to replace for any affected customers. To arrange replacement, customers can contact the retailer where they purchased their stroller, or get in touch with us directly on the contact details below.

The issue does not affect Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Donkey or previous Bugaboo Bee models.

* The affected strollers were manufactured from January to 15 September 2011 and carry serial numbers 160101110100051 to 160101113801999.

Bugaboo wheels replacement service:

Ph: (02) 9091 0322 (ext 1)

E: serviceau@bugaboo.com

Please read more at Bugaboo’s website about the matter and take action to have your Bugaboo Bee fitted with new wheels.


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