Bugaboo ‘Ask an Owner’ Facebook App

bugaboo ask an owner facebook app

bugaboo ask an owner facebook app

Many of us know how fantastic Bugaboo prams are to use and now there’s a way to share advice and tips with other Bugaboo owners! Bugaboo recently released its Facebook App Ask an Owner and already people from all around the world have used it in order to get the most out of their Bugaboo prams. Here is the lowdown about the App from Bugaboo:

We often see that Bugaboo users are eager to share their everyday experiences with their Bugaboo Cameleon. Therefore we have introduced a unique online application that facilitates question and answer communication between current owners and new ones on Facebook. With the app, anyone can ask questions about the Bugaboo Cameleon directly to actual owners.

Current Bugaboo Cameleon owners can share their everyday experiences and give their best tips and tricks. Of course we are always more than happy to answer any questions about our products, but we think it’s nice to be able to get advice from experienced owners.

bugaboo ask an owner app facebook

What a fantastic idea! We love Bugaboo’s community-minded approach and think new parents in particular will benefit from this feature. I remember the minefield of products I had to try to work out after a c-section and many sleepless nights and back in 2005, forums were a sanctuary for advice. It’s great to see a specific service for Bugaboo – it’s another example of this great company being pro-active and interested in people’s experiences of its products.

Simply go to Bugaboo’s Facebook page, and click Like, then ask away! Feel free to check out our past Bugaboo editorial by using the search field above.

bugaboo ask an owner facebook app

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