Budget book nook with an unsuspecting Ikea spice rack

Ikea, bekvam spice rack, book shelf

Ever wandered around Ikea soaking up the Scandinavian brilliance and when faced with their humble spice rack, thought `now there’s a super way to keep books tidy’?  Me neither, so here’s a brilliant idea I’ll be filing away for later use.

The Ikea Bekvam spice rack is proving its worth far beyond being the place to store your dried parsley and oregano. For only $2.49 (in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland) and $6.95 (in South Australia and Western Australia) you can fashion a reading nook that costs next to nothing – all you require is a little creativity, imagination and perhaps a power drill.

Ikea, bekvam spice rack, book shelf

The Bekvam spice rack is forty centimetres wide and made from solid untreated birch so you’re free to varnish it, paint it, even decoupage it any way that takes your fancy. Buy one or two to sit side-by-side or stack four or five for a library display – kids will love being able to see their book covers and choose their favourite stories easily. Ingenious idea indeed, it makes me want to kick myself for not thinking of it!

These images of the Bekvam in action as book storage come to us from mum-of-two Heath, who used them to fabulous effect in her sons bedrooms. Thanks Heath!

Check out Ikea for your nearest store and to see if the Bekvam is in stock.

(via Lifehacker)

Ikea, bekvam spice rack, book shelf


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