You won’t believe what Bronson from Round The Twist looks like now

Bronson from Round The Twist

Bronson is an amazing grown-up, ginger-bearded man who loves dogs, now guys! We couldn’t believe it either. We had to find out more. You’re welcome.

Have you ever, ever felt like this?

A recent television appearance (scroll down to watch) by former Round The Twist star Mathew Waters has us checking our crow’s feet and wondering just where the years have gone. (As we hum this iconic and slightly irritating theme tune.)

Bronson from Round The Twist


Not only were we instantly propelled back into the 90s and 00s when we spotted this adorable face, we figured the whole grown-up Bronson concept surely must be fake news. The years can not have sped by that fast, can they? Surely Bronson’s not…. a MAN?! 

Alas, a thorough investigation aka Instagram-stalk proved it is not a hoax, readers. Bronson = adult. Yup. Let us take you through the evidence, piece by piece.

Exhibit One

Here he is. Look. Not only is he adulting, he’s doing it with a suit and a gosh-darned beard. And a bow tie! Gasp. These things are off the Richter-scale, adult-wise, obviously. But wait. There’s more… Scroll on.

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Suited and booted! #actor #casting #lifeofanactor

A post shared by Mathew Waters (@mathewwaters) on

Exhibit Two

“Bronson” now refers to himself as a “ginger viking”. We can’t help but think this means he has continued to shape-shift, chameleon-like as many Round The Twist characters were wont to do. (Two actors played Mr Gribble, two actors played dad, three actors played Bronson, Pete and Linda, need we go on?!) Who even are you, Mathew Waters?!  Plus only grown-ups can be vikings, in our book. Because killing, fishing, setting boats on fire. *nods* Further proof. Actual children aren’t allowed to play with matches.

Exhibit Three

Bronson got married?! Wait, what? Okay. This is undeniable confirmation that Bronson number 3 = an actual man – and disappointing news for 90s girls who had hoped to twirl this famous red head down the aisle. 

Exhibit Four

He got married to/with an umbrella! This just seems very mature and weather-conscious to us. Another step out of the nostalgic freckly kiddo mould towards adulthood. Sob. #ThanksForTheMemories

Exhibit Five

He made a tuna bake. We are sure you’ll agree that only actual adults have any desire to whip up a tuna bake. Tuna is a little-known measure of maturity. Further proof that we are old Bronson grew up. Not gonna lie, we’re kinda hungry right now.

Exhibit Six

Bronson is allowed to hold beady-eyed birds of prey. Our mums never let us do this when we were little because of talons and beaks and such, so this MUST mean that Bronson’s not a baby anymore. 

Exhibit Seven

Bronson is allowed to drink energy drinks. Again, Red Bull is not for tender souls, so obviously this is further proof our freckled fave has morphed into a gent. We weren’t even allowed to drink soft drink when we were little. Even Milo straight-from-the-tin was considered a gateway drug, back then.

And the evidence piece de resistance… Brace yourself. Argh! Drum roll….

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Grrrr #panto #london

A post shared by Mathew Waters (@mathewwaters) on

Exhibit Eight

Terrifying face paint. Shudder. Our mum never let us do this because our cousins couldn’t abide anything scary and would hide under the bed if we so much as said “have you checked the children”. This is the nail in the coffin, adult proof wise, don’t you think?

There, there. Let’s all try and erase this particular look from our minds and have a sing-song, shall we?!

Which Bronson was your favourite?


PS: You can watch Bronson’s interview with Kylie and Larry below:

Channel 7 – The Morning Show – Bronson (Mathew Waters) from ‘Around the Twist’ is all grown up from Paul Byram on Vimeo.

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