Breastfeeding pods giving nursing mums privacy

It may look like something more at home in a space station, but this pod is actually a cutting-edge lactation suite. Created by a mum duo, sick of breastfeeding and expressing in the most awkward of places, these breastfeeding pods are cropping up in shopping centres, airports and anywhere mums are on-the-go. 

While the battle to have breastfeeding normalised has come a long way, this latest creation for nursing mums aims to continue the fight in a very different way. Mamava Suites are designed to give mums privacy while nursing or expressing, while raising the profile of breastfeeding.

breastfeeding pod mamava 5

Mamava Suite founders Christine Dodson and Sascha Mayer say they’d expressed breastmilk at dozens of places, including the back seat of a client’s car – before deciding there had to be a better way.

“This project was motivated by our personal experiences as working, nursing mums, and by all the friends and colleagues and the thousands of women who have shared their experiences and frustrations with us,” they explain.

breastfeeding pod mamava 3

Working with the motto that nursing is a right, not a privilege, they set about creating these incredible, relocatable lactation suites.

“It provides privacy, cleanliness, and all you need to use a breast pump or nurse an infant — while simultaneously reminding passersby that breastfeeding should be supported and celebrated by all of us because of the good it does for babies, women, families, and society in general. That is to say, nursing mums are everywhere, and they need our support.”

breastfeeding pod mamava 8

The US-based pair are quick to point out that the pods aren’t about hiding breastfeeding: “Our goal is to do just the opposite by raising the profile of this natural human function, and celebrating the realities of the logistics involved in taking on breastfeeding for the many, many mothers who need to be away from their babies.”

breastfeeding pod mamava 2

The standard Mamava Suite comes with a lockable door to ensure privacy, and power outlets to plug in a breast pump and smart device. The aim is to give mums a relaxing place to express, to help with let-down.

breastfeeding pod mamava 7

The suites also have a fold-down table, designed to hold a breast pump, and are roomy enough so a pram and other children can be safe and secure with you while you feed or express. There’s even an app to check where in the US has a Mamava Suite or a breastfeeding or expressing friendly location.

breastfeeding pod mamava

Christine and Sascha say the suite is just the beginning and Mamava will launch other products, dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding. And we hope that includes expanding this ingenious creation to Australia!

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