The breastfeeding mums making a social media stir

The road to normalising breastfeeding and empowering women to feed their babies whenever and wherever they want continues after two breastfeeding mums published two different posts to social media, which went viral.

US mum Jackie Owens’ job requires her to wear a barely-there bikini as a ring girl for the Nemesis Fight Alliance Mixed Martial Arts.

Placing a photo of her in her work attire alongside a photo of her breastfeeding her baby in a bath, Jackie wrote, “if seeing the picture on the left is ok with you, then seeing the picture on the right should be ok with you”.

The post went viral after the Badass Breastfeeder Facebook page shared her post.

The mum-of-three tells Today she’s always been a supporter of normalising breastfeeding.

She says the decision to post the photos side-by-side came when the nursing photo posted alone attracted negative comments labelling it as showing too much skin and being inappropriate.

“Before I knew it, it wasn’t limited to the private nursing pages, it was on public ones,” Jackie says.

“That’s when the criticism started in — people saying those are private moments that shouldn’t be on the Internet, that I needed to cover up, that I was posting it for attention — the normal shaming.”

She says she found it hypocritical for some of the negative comments to come from those who supported her role as a ring girl.

“I don’t know how the natural one is offensive when the other one isn’t — the one where I’m being paid to be in the public eye for attention to my body. Why was that ok? If one instance is ok with you, I don’t think you have a very good argument to say that the other one is offensive,” she says.

German mum Naomi Jael Covert has also made waves online after posting a photo of her breastfeeding her 10-month-old son at a friend’s wedding to Instagram.

“When you are at a wedding, wear fancy dresses and high heels and your baby gets hungry, well… you give no shits and feed the kid,” she writes.

Naomi reveals she also breastfed her son in the church during the wedding ceremony.

“Here in Germany people don’t get mad about it. It is normal . Nothing rude or bad about it. This is why I have breasts. ‘Cause God gave me boobs for feeding my babies,” she writes.

Naomi later told BuzzFeed she was surprised the post went viral and urged mums not to be afraid to feed their babies in public.

“I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed,” she says. “I made the silly face because it’s literally not a big deal to feed your baby.”

There is a natural beauty in the sight of a mum breastfeeding her baby, check out these stunning photos of women returning to work but going to any lengths to continue to breastfeed.

(via Today, BuzzFeed)

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