A breastfeeding mum’s best friend – the new Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

As a former breastfeeding mum, here’s the best piece of advice I can offer those yet to embark on their own journey: be prepared. Be prepared for a beautiful adventure. Be prepared for tears (from you and baby). Be prepared for information overload. Be prepared to be in awe of your own body. And be prepared with a really, really fabulous feeding pillow that will become like a third arm – much like this brand new release from Ergobaby.

Think ‘breastfeeding in comfort’ is an oxymoron? It sure can be. But if you can just master the all-important comfort factor, for both you and your feeding baby – you’re on your way!

Ergobaby has forged its incredible reputation on its ability to create comfortable baby carriers. Now Ergobaby has turned its hand to designing a new nursing pillow that has all the right curves to create a sumptuous and peaceful feeding foundation.

Spring Campaign 2015 Ergobaby Everyday

The new Ergobaby Nursing Pillow is all about good ergonomics, which in turn leads to a healthy latch from baby. And the benefit for mum is a tension-free posture that allows for a relaxed and calm body position.

Doula and Lactation Consultant Erica Chidi, from The Mama Circle says about the pillow: “The firmness of the Natural Curve Nursing Pillow encourages the ideal alignment at the breast, allowing both mama and baby to breastfeed comfortably.”

An incredible amount of research and development, in consultation with lactation experts and mums, has gone into creating the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow. The smart contouring in the unique solid foam has a key role to play during feeding – to support baby in the optimum tummy-to-tummy position, which helps with digestion. You can position your feeding baby into a comfortable position, knowing that your arms are free, and baby is well supported. Take a look at the pillow in action in the video below:

And as baby grows, the pillow will maintain its solid foam support base, which means there’s no need to support a heavy baby in your arms – thus relieving any shoulder, neck and arm tension.

The pillow also has a removable, washable cover, to ensure a fresh and clean feeding environment. The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow will be available at Baby Bunting from early July, for RRP$129.

(This is a sponsored post for Ergobaby)

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