This isn’t your typical breastfeeding video. It is seriously so much more. 

If you haven’t been on social media today, then let us get you up to speed. There is a video circulating that touches on the battle to normalise breastfeeding. It’s taken the Internet by storm and has been viewed by more than 2.5 million people in a few short days.

And it is a video that should be seen by millions and millions more.


embarrased video 2

Titled “Embarrased,” the short film touches on a message we’ve all heard before, but in a way that is impossible to ignore.

Combining the eloquent spoken word poetry of Hollie McNish (above) with the dramatic direction of Jake Dyrpa, this four minute film (which was posted on the Independent Films Facebook page) exemplifies just how backwards our society is when it comes to the battle to breastfeed our babies publicly.

Hollie takes us on a journey of isolation and shame for breastfeeding mothers as she highlights the hypocrisy that exists  – where women are forced to feed their infants in dirty toilet stalls, “sitting on lids/ sipping on milk/ nostrils sniffing on piss” all the while the magazines, walls and billboards are covered with sexualised breasts.

And, as Hollie perfectly states, this shaming prompts many breastfeeding mothers to give up: “As another mother turns from nipples to powder/ Ashamed or embarrassed by the comments around her.” 

embarrased video 1

But perhaps an even more powerful part of the video touches on the danger of switching breast for formula feeding in developing countries where clean water is not an option:

In towns where they drown in pollution and sewage/ In towns empty of hospital beds, babies die/Diarrhea-fueled, that breastmilk would end.”

Hollie, like most of us, has had enough. She speaks loud and proud and we not only hear her and salute her, but we stand right with her.

“So no more will I sit on these cold toilet lids/ No matter how embarrassed I feel as she sips/ Because in this country of billboards, covered in tits/ I think we should try to get used to this.”

If this eloquently executed video doesn’t help end the the battle to normalise breastfeeding, then we are not sure what will.

(via YouTube)

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