Breastfeeding mothers express yourself with the Spectra Electric Breast Pump


If you’re pregnant and planning on breastfeeding, my advice is arm yourself with as much information on pumping as possible, and that includes reading this post!

After having my first son, I naively thought breastfeeding would be a breeze. But when reality hit, and my son wouldn’t latch correctly, the hospital provided a whizz-bang breast pump so we could establish feeding. I promptly sent my husband to buy an electric pump for me to use at home – having no idea there’s such a huge difference in the power and efficiency of a hospital-grade pump and retail version – until I got home!

Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire has recently added the Spectra Dew 350 Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump to its range for purchase, and it’s gaining in popularity among expressing mums.


Babyology production coordinator Anjee is using the Spectra with her youngest Iggy and has been waxing lyrical about it! Here’s what she had to say:

When my daughter was born (she’s now three), I had a terrible time expressing milk.  I was trapped at the pump for what seemed like an hour, ending up with just half a bottle at the end of it.  The pump was noisy too, so I couldn’t have a conversation over the top of it or watch anything on TV.

This time around I’ve been using the Spectra S2 Electric Breast Pump.  And I’m loving it!  This pump is hospital grade with a dual pump and variable suction, making expressing super efficient.  I manage to fill the bottles quite quickly, usually spending just ten minutes or so expressing.

The Spectra pump is so quiet too, so I can pump after the kids are in bed and still easily have a conversation with my husband while the pump is on.  This is the sort of product I really appreciate now that I’ve got two kids and I’m so time-poor.

I’m enjoying using the Spectra S2 Electric Breast Pump so much that I express regularly even if we haven’t run out of milk in the freezer! 

The Spectra Dew 350 costs $179, which makes it one of the most affordable electric breast pumps on the market, and is available from Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire.

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