This breast milk and human DNA jewellery is surprisingly luxe

breast milk jewellery by sacred legacy arts

Breast milk jewellery has been around for a while, but perhaps you’d swiftly relegated it to the hippy-dippy school of parenting and style? Think again!

A US company are keen to shake up those earthy perceptions, creating the kind of stylish sparkles most of us would be super-stoked to wear … from our own breast milk or DNA! Gasp!

Captured moments

Granted, these keepsakes are an unusual approach to celebrating a baby’s birth, but scroll through the images below and you’d have to agree it’s a pretty gorgeous way to capture parenting in lasting style.

To make the pieces, breast milk is carefully treated so that it can be successfully combined with resin and then fashioned into a gorgeous and treasured gem.

Not breastfeeding? Hold your outrage/disappointment! These jewels are not just for breastfeeding mums. Sacred Legacy Arts can create a unique piece from breast milk, placenta, a loved one’s hair curls, a loved one’s ashes, umbilical cord, flowers, fabric, and other bits and bobs.

All of the possibilities

Each piece of personalised jewellery is handmade with care and the range includes simple rings incorporating breastmilk, stacking rings fashioned from placenta, umbilical cord and breast milk, earrings created from umbilical cord and even beads created from baptism gowns.

The sky really seems to be the limit.

Before you start madly scrolling and clicking for info, let us tell you this: These guys DO indeed take international orders. *cue cheering*

Breast milk jewellery

Meaningful mementos

Mum-of-two and crafty hands behind Sacred Legacy Arts, Kelly, says she’s inspired by her own kids, traditional artisans and … Stevie Nicks!

She wanted to create meaningful mementos that could be part of everyday life, worn with pride and treasured as heirlooms.

Kelly says her pieces are “as priceless and unique as the memories and stories captured within them” and we’re inclined to agree.

Breast milk jewellery

Giving back

Not content to simply make genius works of art for mums, Kelly also works with community organisations to double the positive impact of the pieces she creates.

Not only are they cherished by their wearer, they contribute to various worthy causes that benefit women, children and furry friends.

“Ten per cent of all our gross jewelry sales also go to a local maternity home for women in Indiana that assist the mothers-to-be with education, housing, employment, and steps to self sufficient empowerment,” Kelly says.

“Our copper collection helps to fund the developing educational and vocational skills of women in Mexico through Laura’s Workshop and many of our gold and silver pieces come from a charity goldsmith where 100% of the proceeds go to fund animal rescue programs,” Kelly explains.

We think we hear the pitter patter of ‘add-to-cart’ right now!

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