Break open the Kasseli Piggy Bank

Kasseli Piggy Bank

Kasseli Piggy Bank

In the past five years, I have seen a parade of piggy banks pass through my children’s hands.  We’ve had paint-your-own ones, china spotty ones and even one that oinked when the money went in.  Alas, all of them are now in the piggy sty in the sky thanks to prying hands. But this one begs to be broken.

The Kässeli Piggy Bank is the most practical non-piggy bank I have ever seen! Five blocks of colourful wood to build, then lock with a special magnet, put money in and then when you want to break open the bank, you can do just that. Yes, unlock it, take it all apart, pocket the cash and then build it all over again.

A great combination of building skills and learning about saving, and one that won’t smash to smithereens! Fabulous idea, although it might break the bank to buy as each one costs US$119 plus shipping.

(via Kid Crave)

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