Bottle Buddy formula dispenser

Bottle Buddy formula dispenser

Bottle Buddy formula dispenser

I had a really hard time breastfeeding my first child. After several weeks of agony and upset, I resorted to mixing breastfeeds with formula feeds which made life more bearable. Even then, the haze of no sleep made it hard to remember how many scoops of powder had gone into the bottle so I often had to start all over again rather than give baby too much or too little.

This ingenious product helps new parents solve that dilemma. The Bottle Buddy is an electronic formula dispenser which accurately measures the amount of powder straight into baby’s bottle.

You can adjust the amount at the touch of a button and of course there isn’t any spillage or waste. What a fabulous idea not only for new mums and dads but also nervous grannies and other carers to make sure they get it just right.

The Bottle Buddy costs $99.95, find where it’s locally available at Tiny Tot Brands – they detail a range of fabulously innovative products which are well worth a look.

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