Boska’s DIY Teddy Bear Kits – for the crafty at heart

diy teddy bear kit

Ever wanted to be one of those crafty types who actually finish a DIY project? Well, we may just have the perfect little cheat kit for you. Boska’s Teddies arrive with all their bits and bobs, so you can sit back with a cuppa and add some finishing touches while proudly Facebooking about how you just made a teddy bear with your very own hands.

It’ s not just the DIY vibe that caught our eye though; these little guys are really cute.

Because they are all hand finished, no two teddies end up exactly the same. You can choose if they are happy or sad, (not all softies need to be chirpy after all) and if you want them to be a little wonky (this may even happen all on its own). If you aren’t interested in the crafty thing, you can also buy the finished product.

Boska’s Teddies are available at Coccinella Eco from $34.95 with an $8.95 delivery charge, make sure to check out their range of awesome melamine tableware while you are there.


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