Born to be worn – every parents’ essential guide to babywearing


Do you feel like your baby is only content when next to you? Know that you are not alone! A study confirms what millions of parents have already discovered – babywearing can not only help you continue your normal daily routine but it can cut crying and fussiness in infants by half. 

The concept of babywearing – the use of baby slings and carriers – allows a busy parent the freedom to continue a normal daily routine, from running errands to playing with older siblings, all the while providing the richest and most nurturing environment for bub.


Babes in Arms, the award winning carrier and sling distributor, can help you find your perfect fit and give your baby the closeness and connection they need. Choose from carriers, wraps and slings from leading brands Ergobaby and Breeze Baby.

There are countless reasons why mums babywear and every family has their own story. For me, babywearing helped me connect with my daughter and reconnect with my older son. It helped me establish balance and feel confident that I was doing a good job. But, most importantly, it allowed me to keep my daughter just where I wanted her to be – as close to me as possible.

What are your reasons?


Cuts crying and fussiness in half

My daughter was a cuddler. She still is. When she was a newborn the only thing that would settle her was being held or being rocked, which sounds beautiful in theory, but with a toddler in tow, it was a little tricky to spend my life in a rocking chair and still feel like I was giving my older son the attention he deserved.

I noticed right away that when my baby was wrapped, she was content. I started with an Ergobaby Wrap and loved how she would happily stare at me while I cooked and would drift off to sleep without any need to use the settling techniques that I never seemed to figure out anyway.


But don’t just take my word for it. A randomised controlled test report in BMC Paediatrics shows that carrying babies reduces crying and fussiness 43 per cent during the day and 51 per cent at night. This means 51 per cent less crying and 51 per cent more chance of getting something accomplished by the end of each day.

Let baby be a part of your world

With bub in a carrier, they are on your level, literally. Baby feels safe and secure and this provides the best environment for stimulation, interaction and learning. I loved looking down at random moments during the day and seeing my daughter staring up at me, just watching my moves, studying my face, and letting me know that she was there.


Simple things, like taking a stroll on the beach or starting the morning with a brisk walk, shouldn’t have to be dismissed because of an unsettled baby. These experiences can be even more enjoyable as you get to see the world through your baby’s eyes.

Prove to yourself that you’re doing it right

Babies cry but as mums, we all feel it’s our duty to prevent this from happening as much as possible. If I wasn’t holding my daughter, she would cry and I would feel like I was failing her. If I was holding my daughter I would feel like I was ignoring my older child and failing him.

This feeling of failure can break you. And while babywearing isn’t the parenting equivalent of a magical wand, it definitely can help. Seeing my daughter content while being able to still play with my older son helped me see that, yes, I can do it. I am not failing. I can do both.


Help baby develop

Babywearing has been shown to help bub grow both physically and emotionally. According to baby expert William Sears, a child that is carried develops greater physical and nerve strength, plus it can regulate baby’s physiology, promotes breathing and increases cardiac output and circulation.

Give baby what they needs…. whenever she needs it

All babies need the three essentials – to eat, to sleep and to poop. Babywearing has been proven to help make the breastfeeding journey much easier by offering easy access to the breast. It can also promote a better sleep and help with brain maturation. The upright position in a carrier can help digestion, ease colic and naturally promote bowel elimination.


And, finally, stop time… even for a brief moment

Babywearing is something that all parents should discover. Because, let’s face it; babies really grow up too fast. My daughter is now almost three and, while we still babywear on occasion, she is perfectly content to now run circles around me instead.

The precious days of holding your baby close are memories that will never be forgotten, but they are also moments that you can never get back. Relish in this closeness and find the perfect carrier for your new addition with help from Babes in Arms.

(This is a sponsored post for Babes in Arms)

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