Boom Boom! Cards – random acts of kindness for the Facebook generation

Boom Boom Cards

Boom Boom Cards

There’s no better way to teach our children than by example. And if that example is one of unconditional kindness, the world will be a better place.

Boom Boom! Cards are designed to deliver a kickstart on the right path to unprompted acts of kindness. They’re aimed at enriching your life, through enriching the lives of others. Based on the karmic notion that every good deed eventually comes back to inspire more good deeds, the cards are an ingenious way to get the ball rolling.

Boom Boom Cards

There are twenty-six cards in the pack, each specifying an act of kindness. It could be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, to buying a stranger a cup of coffee. But that’s not where it ends – in fact, it’s where the journey begins.

The owner of the deck registers it, and as they perform each act of kindness, they give the card away and write about their experience on the Boom Boom! Cards website. Users can upload photos or videos to tell their story, and each card can be mapped to track the acts of kindness. How amazing is that? If you ever doubted that one person can make a difference, this is a tangible way to watch just what an impact you can make on the world.

Boom Boom Cards

As a parent, I can’t think of a more beautiful notion than raising my boys in a world where kindness is a living thing that continues on beyond a mere moment. And in a world driven by technology, this is a refreshing way to use it.

Kindred Gifts is the only Australian distributer of Boom Boom! Cards, and Australia is the first country outside of the US to sell them. There are several versions, including a Family Edition and Teen Edition. The card sets cost between $19.95 and $24.95.

Boom Boom Cards

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