Books for Newborns to mesmerise your baby

Books for Newborns - Mesmorised

Books for Newborns Mesmerised images from book

When my first daughter was born, she cried and cried and cried for hours on end. The only thing that kept her quiet for any amount of time was a soft book of bold black and white images that folded out. I put it by her nappy changer, in her pram and in her cot and she would stare at it absorbed for quite some time (until she started crying again!). So when these pictures popped up in my inbox, I was interested to learn that these aren’t so readily available here in Oz – until now that is.

Mesmerised from Books for Newborns has just been launched. Tasmanian mum Katey Love  decided to self-publish the book after she found it hard to source anything similar locally. Specifically designed for newborns, who are of course learning to see for the first time, the simple, bold, black and white images help the baby to focus.

Books for Newborns - Mesmerised images

Given my own experience with my daughter, I really believe black and white images help those little eyes when they are unable to differentiate between colours and can’t fully see yet. The pictures may look pretty unexciting to more grown-up eyes, but to a newborn they are a work of art worth studying!

Suitable for newborns up to six months, the book costs $11.95 plus postage.

Books for Newborns - Mesmorised

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