Book loving baby gets a gold star for a novel approach to newborn photos!

It’s never too early to start fostering a love of books in your kids. And we’ve got the adorable photos to prove it! Baby William may be only five weeks old, but he’s certainly getting his fair share of literary learning, thanks to his book-loving mum.

Come and check out these page turning photos that tell a story all their own.

With a love of books and a new baby to play with, it’s only natural for Gold Coast teacher Danielle Gillin to combine her two interests into an adorable photo series.

Danielle has always had a soft spot for Book Week, especially the annual Book Week parade. While on maternity leave, Danielle decided to stage her own Book Week parade with her newborn son, William.

Every day of the week Danielle dressed William as one of her favourite book characters. From American classic Where the Wild Things Are to a local favourite, Possum Magic, Danielle hits up some of our much-loved literary favourites.

She posted a photo of William in various costumes (one per day) to Facebook asking her friends to guess the book. Later in the day she posted a follow up photo revealing the answer. Take a look for yourself.

Where the Wild Things Are

where wild things 1

where wild things 2

Possum Magic

possum magic 2

possum magic 1

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

baby book week construction1

baby book week construction2

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungry 1

hungry 2

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

tiger tea 2

tiger tea 1

Danielle, with her interest in photography, says that staging the photo shoot was the easy part, “He sleeps so often, and is a very relaxed bub, so it wasn’t too hard to take his picture,” Danielle tells Babyology.

“I have a ridiculous number of books, especially picture books. I love the artwork, multifaceted storylines and the feeling of the paper in my hands. Re-reading them is like visiting an old friend. I’m glad I get to share my ‘friends’ now with my son!”

Looking for more Book Week ideas? Check out our Book Week archives as well as our favourite readers’ book week costumes from this year. And for more adorable photo shoot ideas for your newborn, check out this mum’s creative cosplay photo series as well as the photo series that you will eat up (hint…it involves food).

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