Book-loving baby makes us all LOL with his page-turning tantrums

Some books make us laugh. Some books make us cry. And some books we just never want to end. This is exactly how young Emmett feels with every single book his parents read to him.

You have to see this sweet little bookworm’s adorable reaction to story time ending.

He may still be mastering the fine art of walking and talking, but Emmett’s passion for reading is clearly already well developed. And his disdain for the words “the end” will have you laughing out loud.

Danielle Lees recently posted a video of her little man during story time. He is clearly infatuated with his mum reading a book until, oh the horror, the story ends.

His mum is greeted with the saddest face you’ve ever seen followed by the sounds of the world ending for young Emmett.

As Danielle writes on her YouTube video description, “He knows no greater sadness than the end of the book.”

And while his story-time struggle is certainly real, it’s hard not to smile at his dramatic reaction.

Emmett’s video has been viewed over 6 million times and his mum has also started an Instagram page to showcase her son’s passion for page-turners.

We should all take a chapter from little Emmett’s book. After all, reading, even at a young age, is a beautiful bonding and learning experience for both mum and bub.

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