Boo-Boos bandages – mock injuries for mini hypochondriacs


If the refrain “Mum, I NEED a Bandaid” comes up in your house as much as it does in mine for imaginary injuries, then we have found a cure, or at least a novel way of covering minor scrapes. A quick warning though, this post is not for the faint-hearted or queasy!

Boo-Boos adhesive bandages are designed to make your cuts and scrapes look much worse than they really are. Yes, you read that correctly, and one look at the photos of these ghastly adhesive bandages and you will see what I mean. They really are the perfect gift idea for the hypochondriac in your family (or perhaps something to save for Halloween!).


There area  number of  ‘designs’ on the Boo-Boos bandages, including gunshot wound, chemical burn and maggot-infested ulcer. They really are quite gross, and thus have enormous appeal for kids who love a good practical joke or grossing out their friends.


Despite the look of them. Boo-Boos are sterile, latex free and individually wrapped, so they can safely be used on actual boo-boos. Like many with cool ideas before him, Sherwood Forlee, creator of Boo-Boos is turning to crowdfunding through Indiegogo to get his idea into production. US$12 will get you a basic package of twenty bandages (four of each design), with shipping outside of the US extra. The campaign runs until December 28, 2014.

Libby Smith

Libby Smith

Libby lives in Sydney with her husband, three children (plus one on the way) and dog. In a former life, she was a high school English and history teacher who loved going out for breakfast and spending holidays reading book after book. These days, Libby spends her time kid-wrangling, catching quiet moments with a coffee, trying to avoid taking the kids to the shops and, when time allows, getting lost in a good book or a spot of crochet.

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