Did a Bonds Wondersuit really sell for $60,000 on eBay?

They may well be an Aussie institution, but it seems Bonds Wondersuits have also become high-end designer baby outfits. Limited edition prints have created a frenzy, some Wondersuits being sold for upwards of $100 each on eBay. And if you can believe some of the hype – one outfit went under the virtual hammer for more than $60,000.


A quick search on eBay for Bonds Confetti Wondersuit will bring up some rather intriguing anomalies. Among the usual prices of around $20, there are a whole host of listings pushing $100. And people are bidding… they are actually willing to pay three figures for a humble Bonds Wondersuit.


The Daily Telegraph reports that one listing reached the lofty heights of $60,100. There’s speculation that this listing was eventually pulled, as the bidding was obviously escalating to a ridiculous amount. But there are still plenty of current listings reaching rather astronomical prices for a suit that retails for around $20.


Bonds’ marketing manager Emily Small told The Daily Telegraph that the company is just as surprised at the sudden rise in popularity of the confetti suits.

“The confetti print was in our Christmas range last year and it sold out in a matter of days. Everyone loves it,” Ms Small said.

Apparently some parents love it more than others!

(via The Daily Telegraph)

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