Bonds Baby Search – a call for cute babies unleashes the mummy trolls


I love the Bonds Wondersuits, I decked my kids out in all their amazing striped gear years ago so they can attest to my love for that range and I especially love this iconic Australian brands’ underwear. But the Bonds Baby Search? Not so much.

A simple enough competition, established in the spirit of celebrating all Australian children, the Bonds Baby Search gives Aussie parents and their gorgeous cherubs aged up to five, the chance to represent Bonds for a year. From the moment the competition starts, the entry photos of gorgeous bubs start rolling in by the tens of thousands and social media is abuzz with clogged feeds of vote for me status updates. The pressure is relentless to go look, pick your favourite child, vote and so forth.

The Bonds Baby Search 2014 shortlist of entrants was announced this week and chaos ensued. People took their wrath to the Bonds Baby Search Facebook page with an unexpected fury. Attacking comments were fired all over their social media page, creating a headache for Bonds’ moderators, with parents complaining that some of the fifteen children chosen were “nothing special” and “not the best” or  even “hideous”. And these are just the comments we deemed the least offensive to print – there were plenty of parents not at all embarrassed to say much, much worse about other people’s children. Then there were more angry comments questioning the rules of the competition. 

There’s a simple truth that we hold dear at Babyology and it’s this – all children are beautiful and all children deserve to be treasured. While I love to see photographs of children from all over our land, it’s important for adults to remember that what you write on the internet stays on the internet, and the beauty of Facebook is that it attaches your name and profile image to your nice or nasty comment, so it pays to think carefully about what you type.



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