Bomb Design – globe-trotting mobiles and cosy pillows

bomb design

There’s nothing quite like a quirky object to make or break a room. It’s often that one last thing you add which adds an element of interest and polishes up the decor to a high standard.

Pillows with gloves and woodland and city-themed mobiles make up part of the eye-catching collection at Bomb Design. I love the Tour d’ Europe mobile, which is partially customisable – you can pick a certain combination of famous landmarks from different cities in Europe, and there is a particular focus on Berlin.

Also very charming is the Wildlife in the Forest mobile, bringing those northern woodland critters inside southern homes without breaking quarantine laws! It features a deer, boar, rabbit, fox and fir tree. I can see the Get Cosy Kids pillow being a great comfort object for children; most just love soft things to cuddle.

Bomb Design ships beautiful things all over the world.

bomb design

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