“Boil water, fetch clean towels!” – The most unrealistic on-screen births

Phoebe from Friends with three babies / triplets

If you relied on TV dramas to educate you about birth, you might never realise that a) not every woman’s labour begins with waters breaking b) placentas exist and c) babies do not come out the size of a chubby four-month-old tot!

Here’s some of the most unrealistic births we’ve had the pleasure of chomping popcorn to. Expect women lying on their backs and a sudden urge to boil water and rummage for clean towels.

Phoebe's triplet birth in Friends

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Not only was Phoebe talking normally and quipping like a pro during her birth, just a grunt or two was all that was needed to push three BIG jam-covered babies out into the world via a vaginal birth. Pain relief, schmain relief. No biggie, according to Phoebs.

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