Bloom Bassinet & Co-Sleeper

Another co-sleeper following in line with the Culla Belly co-sleper seen on Babyology a few weeks ago, is the Bloom Bassinet, designed by Natalie Keville.

The Bassinet sits on a stand that allows it to slide right up to your bed for safe co-sleeping. The mattress is made from felted organic cotton, a natural, waterproof, non-toxic, fire-safe, and dust mite proof material.

Our favourite feature is the motion sensor pad! This means even the slightest breathing movements will activate a pulsing illumination. The pulse emulates a calm breathing rhythm promoting a relaxed environment, by providing parents with a reassuring visual of their baby’s wellbeing. The illumination can be set to a slow pulse, a steady glow or turned off depending on preference.

Another feature is that the stand can also be turned on its side to create a rocking bassinet and the stand converts to a reclining seat when baby outgrows the need for a bassinet.

We’ll keep you posted but no word yet on when and where it can be purchased.

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