Blood – turns out it’s not blue after all

If you’ve ever paused for a second to wonder what getting your period had to do with going horse-riding, then here’s a new ad you’re sure to find intriguing.

A new advertising campaign from BodyForm UK has gone for the unusual angle of gritty realism to sell their product – sanitary pads. The campaign is called Red.Fit, and it’s all about breaking down stigmas around women playing sport at that time of the month. Here’s what you won’t find in the ad – a woman in a white lab coat, standing in a white bathroom, pouring blue liquid onto something that might be a sanitary pad (if it were in focus). What you will find are tough women – women who aren’t scared of a little blood and don’t let it get in the way of what they want to do.

Of course, back through the ages (the middle ages mainly) it was thought that when a woman had her period, she was being drained of her life force (kind of) and needed to be handled with kid gloves (or not at all). We’ve come a long way since then, obviously, but BodyForm says there’s still a dearth of information around how your body’s hormonal cycle might affect your mental and physical health, and that’s what they’re trying to fix with this new initiative.

Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly remember from my teenage years that having your period was the ultimate excuse for getting out of PE lessons, but then, the sport we were doing there (tee-ball mainly) wasn’t anywhere near as interesting or impressive as the rugby playing, skateboarding, mountain climbing women in this ad.

Oh, and there is a horse riding sequence, of course. But she has a sword.

(via Elle India)

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