Blogger Constance Hall announces “Baby number 7 is due sometime around June”

Constance Hall and Denim Cooke

Uber popular Australian blogger Constance Hall has just announced she and fiancé Denim Cooke are expecting their first baby together, taking their offical kid count to a whopping SEVEN!

I'm sorry if I've been quiet my lovely babes. I'm having a week holiday with my lover 💗💗💗💗Sending love 👑

Posted by Constance Hall on Monday, 2 October 2017

Through to the keeper!

“The commune is welcoming another baby,” Constance posted on her Facebook page yesterday, at first noting that she and Denim had “no idea how it slipped through” but then citing some determined wrangling with unsuitable or downright painful contraception as the possible cause.

The mum-of-four and step-mum of two – in other words, mum of seven, as she suggests – has obviously had plenty of experience in the whole baby raising caper and it means she’s approaching this new little life with eyes wide open.

“We are not ready for this and I am petrified, babies terrify me. But are we happy? Pigs in shit,” Constance wrote.

Con says she’s due in the middle of next year, revealing (in her usual fruity style) that plonking a baby in the midst of the couple’s already kid-filled life actually seems like a pretty great idea.

“I love this mother f*cker [Denim!], with every inch of my bloated body, we are our kids biggest fans and we don’t see the harm in putting a new little soul right in the middle of it all. Expect complaining … a lot of complaining. Baby number 7 is due sometime around June …”

Guys… The commune is welcoming another baby. We have no idea how it slipped through. We tried everything, on and…

Posted by Constance Hall on Sunday, 22 October 2017

Of all the things I love about this man. His loyalty has to be up there as one of the most.What a crazy feeling to know he always has my back 💗💗💗💗 The Cooke Trinity

Posted by Constance Hall on Thursday, 12 October 2017

Connect 7

It’s obviously super exciting news for the baby-to-be’s siblings, providing another extra-special connection between them all. Going into the relationship, Constance was mum to Rumi, Snow, Arlo Love and Billie-Violet with her ex-husband, Bill. Denim, is a dad to two boys, Sunny and Zeyke. Now they’ve formed a gang with seven kids combined – and a quite urgent need for their own tour bus.

Constance and Denim met earlier this year, then fell in love and things have gone from strength-to-strength since then. While there’s been much ado about the relationship, which has been played out quite publicly due to Constance’s profile, it’s obvious that the pair are really happy together – and happiness is a very excellent thing! I mean, look how happy they seem!!!

It’s also good to note that life is complicated, people are complex, contradictory, chaotic and… interesting! While many of us choose to hide our human-ness from the outside world, these guys are happy to shine a light on theirs – and give us a glimpse of the stuff some of us are thinking and living, but rarely talking about.

Congratulations to Denim, Con, Sunny, Zeyke, Rumi, Snow, Arlo and Billie-Violet on the incoming bub!

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