Blake’s birth song had doctor in hysterics: “I thought she might drop my baby”

Wait. What? It’s a fact, according to Lively who revealed that Ryan Reynolds put on the “make out” track during delivery as she played a game of “Fact or Fiction” with designer Michael Kors.

XOXO, get it on

“My husband played ‘Let’s Get It On’ while I was in labour,” Blake suggests, reading from the cards and inviting Kors to determine if it’s fact or fiction.

Kors can barely contain his delight, sniggering and leaning back in his seat.

“That’s like my favorite song, so I’m just gonna go with fact,” Kors says.

Blake confirms he is absolutely correct.

“Hah-hah!” Kors honks. Like, for real. He honks so hard!

“Yes, my doctor was laughing so hard I thought she was going to drop my baby,” Blake explained, quite matter-of-factly, leading us to believe that her life with Ryan is full of inappropriately matched tunes and other delights.
Blake Lively and Michael Kors

Avoiding the spotlight

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married in 2012 after meeting on the set of Green Lantern in 2010. The pair are parents to two adorable little girls – James, born in December 2014, and Ines, born in September 2016.

The couple have been pretty tight-lipped about their girls, generally, so this is a rare glimpse into family life, and the delivery room, Lively-Reynolds style.

The pair decided to share their cute family for the very first time at Ryan’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony late last year, soon after revealing their youngest daughter’s name (Ines!)

Blake recently spoke out about learning to accept her postpartum, publicly scrutinised body.

“You have to learn to forgive yourself, to say, ‘I’m working. I’m a dedicated mother. I’m a good friend. I’m a great wife.’ Try not to beat yourself up about it,” she said.

“Their family is everything”

Blake’s older sister Robyn, recently revealed Blake’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water.

“This [motherhood] is where she belongs,” Robyn said.

“She has my children and I have her children, [and] we’re like, ‘No, those are my children!’ She’s like, ‘No, your children are my children.’ We always argue about it. She’s the best,” Robyn laughed.

She also noted Blake and Ryan were going above and beyond to keep their kids away from prying eyes.

“They’re so great, and they protect their little family and they’re normal,” she revealed.

“Their family is everything and I’m so proud of them. They kept their sense of normality and that’s amazing.”

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