Blake Lively’s mumbod acceptance mantra is a relatable self-love reminder

Blake Lively

Even the glowingly gorgeous Blake Lively has to sit herself down for a serious post-baby-body self-acceptance chat, from time to time. Who. Even. Knew?!

Love your (baby growing) self!

Of course we all have our own little insecurities about our bodies, but it’s strangely heartening to realise that this is an almost-universal (and thus definitely counter-productive and unloving) train of thought.

In an interview with American Vogue, Blake said she was a little bit at odds with the skin she’s in.

“The past few months, I’ve learned to love my body in every iteration. It’s a challenge,” the mum of two said.

“It’s something that I have to remind myself of every single time I put on an outfit that doesn’t fit like it used to – or doesn’t fit at all!”

Hollywood pressure

Blake had some advice for other mums who might still be making friends with the changes in their bodies, post-bub.

“You have to learn to forgive yourself, to say, ‘I’m working. I’m a dedicated mother. I’m a good friend. I’m a great wife.’ Try not to beat yourself up about it,” she advised.

(Here at Babyology we think there’s nothing to forgive. Humans that can grow other humans deserve to be celebrated. Mums should congratulate themselves on their amazing baby-creating prowess, every single day!)

That said, Blake’s obviously got some next-level pressure on her, body-image wise, which keeps her focused on the way she looks. Her perspective is a different one from our own.

Blake’s job means she’s often required to be a certain shape and/or at a particular fitness level for the roles she’s offered.

(We’re guessing, as relatable as she often is, this means she’s not ordering last minute Red Rooster family dinner home delivery or skipping workouts as often as we are! Like we said, different perspective!)

Blake’s sharing her body acceptance message as part of her current L’Oréal campaign.

“We are different shapes and sizes. We are different colors. We are beautiful inside and out. We are kind. We are brave. We are vulnerable. We are flawed. We are perfect. We are worth it. And we each have a story to tell,” Blake wrote.


Tricky balance

Despite her obvious external gifts, Blake says she’s hoping to teach her daughters that beauty and happiness are an inside job.

“It sounds so hokey but beauty does come from the inside. It comes from confidence. It comes from people that you love and you loving yourself,” Blake, who is an official face of L’Oréal, said.

It’s a tricky balance, especially in the industry she’s in, but we’re sure she’ll navigate these beauty standard challenges with her girls with aplomb.


Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds met on the set of Green Lantern in 2010 and married in 2012.

The pair have two little girls – toddler James was born in December 2014 and Ines, made her appearance in September 2016.

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