Bizzibrains I Learn – the fun app that helps kids transition to school & preschool

My first-born is about to start school, and the nerves and tears have already started – and that’s just from me! It’s all crept up on me, and now I’m wondering if I’ve done enough to help him smoothly move into formal schooling. This brilliant new Australian-developed children’s app arms parents with a fun and educational way to transition children into kinder, school or childcare. And just quietly, it’s also a great way for parents to get used to these rather big life moments!


Australian children’s app developer Bizzibrains has partnered with Screen Australia to create the I Learn app – which has the fundamental purpose of making the school transition smooth and fun.


It’s aimed at children aged between three and eight, so it’s great for a whole range of firsts: starting childcare, school or kinder. So what is it? It’s an app that children go ape for – because it makes them the star of the show! It’s an interactive storybook app, and the kids get to create the characters themselves. So they can add themselves, a parent and a teacher – and bring the virtual pages of the book to life. It’s their own little world, and within the pages they get to undertake activities that help prepare them for the transition they’re about to undertake.


The way it helps with the transition is to prepare kids without them even knowing – it all happens as they engage with the interactive story pages of the app. The key is subtle education – the story includes the child getting dressed, making their bed and brushing their hair. Here’s what Nicola, a mum of daughters aged five and three, had to say about the I Learn app:

“I Learn is all about helping kids enjoy the transition into a new class. It’s about getting familiar with your teacher, with getting yourself ready for school, with the idea that learning is fun and that it’s ok to feel and share many different emotions.”



The interactive story incorporates games like I Spy, numerical problems and learning to write their names – all part of I Learn’s core value of teaching essential skills through fun.


Bizzibrains creator Nic Lansdell first began personalising stories she read to her daughter Annika, like many of us do, by substituting Annika’s name for characters. The seed of an idea eventually blossomed into Bizzibrains story book app. Children adore creating the characters, blending their photos and voice, choosing clothing and hair styles and colours to put themselves, their teacher and a parent into the interactive story pages of I Learn.

The premise behind the app is preparing children for independence. Giving them a leg up as they head into the real world. They help promote discussion, so that children are able to raise any concerns they may have as they transition.

The I Learn app is available through iTunes for $4.99. Visit Bizzibrains for more information about the company and their apps.

(This is a sponsored post for Bizzibrains)

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