Birthday video documents the long battle to bring home a premature baby

Baby Jack Grier was tiny and fragile, but he was a fighter. On his first birthday his mother made a home video to celebrate the milestone she never thought she’d see.

Mary Grier gave birth to her twin boys 16 weeks early on September 24 last year. Sadly, Greyson William was stillborn and Jack Harrison barely survived, born weighing just one pound, seven ounces, or 652 grams. He had a 50/50 chance of survival.

But his doting mother’s special video is something that her boy will treasure and no doubt help him appreciate both the fight he had on his hands as a preemie baby and his parents’ dedication to his care.

prem jack

Mrs Grier could finally hold her baby 16 days after he was born. Jack’s first Christmas was also spent in hospital.

prem jack5

The birthday video, called ‘Happy first birthday, Jack! #growbabygrow’, documents Jack’s progression during the four months he was in the NICU. He triumphed over his major milestones and finally went home with his parents in January, 111 days after he was born. Watch the video and just try to hold back the tears:

“When my son was born I remember watching videos of others’ NICU journeys and they brought me so much hope,” Mrs Grier tells The Huffington Post. “I hope this can encourage some parents who are on the rollercoaster ride of having a preemie in the NICU.”

prem jack2

Jack isn’t the only premature baby to defy the odds. In August a baby boy was born at 23 weeks while his mother was enjoying a holiday aboard a cruise ship. He is now being treated in a Miami hospital.

(via The Huffington Post)

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