Birth photographer shares 19 incredible images taken as new life enters the world

We’ve shown you some stunning birth photography from right around the world – now it’s time to turn the spotlight on one of our own. Melbourne birth photographer Lacey Barratt has seen it all when it comes to bringing babies into the world, from mums dancing their way into delivery to the comforting presence of children witnessing a sibling’s arrival.

The mum-of-four tells Babyology she was inspired to become a birth photographer almost five years ago after realising she had only three photos taken when her eldest was born. It’s not only stunning photography, Lacey also acts as a doula and does placenta encapsulation.

“When my son turned one, I went to look at my mushy birth photos and I had three pictures from when he was born, that was it,” Lacey says.

“They were crappy selfie pictures with half our heads cut off and it made me really sad that I had nothing to really remember such a monumental day.”

Lacey shares with Babyology some of the most memorable moments she has captured to show the real and raw power behind every child’s entrance into the world.

Incredible beings


“Seeing a baby half in womb, half earth side with eyes open gives me a great reminder that we are incredible beings bringing human life into the world.”



“This illustrates the symmetry between mother and daughter, a fleeting moment that often gets overlooked or otherwise forgotten. Grandma congratulates mum whilst they wait for babe to be passed through to mum.” 

Mother’s love


“This was just a few short seconds after they placed her sweet girl on her chest. She was in a very blissful yet relieved haze at this point, just taking it all in.”


“This is just a sacred moment exchanged between mothers.”

Little doula


“I feel that there is a common misconception that having young children around childbirth is fearful and traumatic. What people fail to realise is that children are not biased. They fear what we tell them to fear. This is a sweet, sweet moment of a sweet little doula daughter comforting mum through intense surges.” 

The placenta


“As a woman slightly obsessed with the placenta, I find it intriguing that so many people, including women find the third stage of birth repulsive. As an organ that sustained your babes life, I find it quite an amazing process. How our own hormones trigger this incredible organ made for one purpose only… the ONLY organ that is grown and then dispelled from the human body, not affecting the mother’s health. No other organ is designed to do that. The sooner humans realise women’s bodies are amazing the sooner humans can accept birth in its entirety.” 

Meeting baby

lacey barratt birth

“This is the moment why I even bother to answer my phone at 3am.” 

The catch


“Mothers catching their own babes. Meet baby.”

Total awe


“This was just a few short minutes after bubby was born and they were looking him over over and over, in just awe of what they had just done. It was such a beautiful moment.” 

Two births



“These two images are from the same client, one from each of her births. One is an image of her first boy still attached, freshly born. The second, just moments before her second boy was born, a mere few weeks ago. Birthed in the pool, she reached down for that empowering feeling of touching her babe’s head.” 

Yin and Yang


“When I look at this image I see night and day. Support and despair. Yin and Yang. These two seriously complete each other in every single way needed.” 

Dancing baby down


“I adore this image…although not technically perfect it is the perfect picture painted of a primal instinct to dance your baby down.”

Dad’s pride


“I call this my ‘Lion King’ shot. It reminds me a lot of dad holding Simba at the cliff showing him off to everyone. This dad lifted her up to show me how perfect and squishy she was. He was oozing with pride.”

Last push


“This is an intense moment of power, release, trust, and reckless abandonment that women go through in those last moments before birthing their baby.” 

The marathon is over


“After running a marathon mum finally sits down to snuggle her new babe.” 


“I was blessed beyond words to spend my morning with Agnes, her mummy, and daddy. This sweet thriving baby was born at 27 weeks. And what a glorious face she has.”

lacey barratt premmie birth

If you love Laney’s images, make sure to browse our archives for more beautiful birth photography. Photographers go above and beyond to capture these priceless memories, one US photographer even set herself the challenge to photograph her own birth.

(images via Lacey Barratt Photography)

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