Birth photographer shares 12 stunning images taken as new life begins

The moment new life enters the world is a beautiful thing and we love celebrating the incredible images capturing birth in all its glory. This month we are shining a light on Sydney birth photographer Jerusha Sutton.

In July, Babyology shared the impressive work of Melbourne photographer Lacey Barratt so this month it’s Sydney’s turn.

Jerusha Sutton has been a doula for ten years but decided to combine one passion with another about four years ago when she began taking her camera along to offer her clients breathtaking keepsakes of their big event.

“Because I have been a doula for ten years, I was always just blown away by how beautiful birth was and how we didn’t see it,” Jerusha says.

“All the images we get are through the media and movies and it’s all quite frightening and alarming and seemingly dangerous, and when I started attending births I started to see how exquisite and beautiful it really is.”

Jerusha says she wants women to be able to look back on their birth and for society to see it in a more positive light.

“You will photograph every coming birthday your child has – why not have beautiful photographic memories of the very first one, your child’s actual birth day?” Jerusha says.

“Imagine sitting down with your child in years to come to show them an album of the day they were born, the work you went through when you laboured with them, the love in your partners eyes as they support you through the birth, the moment you meet this new soul.”

Here are some of Jerusha’s favourite images.

Beautiful blessing


“I picked this image because I just think it represents the moment in labour where the woman knows it’s just about her and she has got to get through it herself. The beauty in this image is that necklace she is wearing is made from beads that were given to her at her blessingway, which is a ceremony held for a pregnant woman where women come and one ritual is the ‘blessing of the beads’ that are made into a necklace for her to wear in labour.”

Between two worlds


“This is a body half in and half out during a cesarean. That in between world where everyone in the room holds their collective breath and the baby is pulled out into the world.”

Take a breath


“This baby has just been laid onto the mother’s chest. Women often just take a few moments to come back into their bodies before they open their eyes and take in their babies. It’s such a beautiful moment.”

Fall in love


“This is just that moment where everything else has died away and all the medical stuff is taken care of and finally the woman can just sit and discover and fall in love with this little person she has just birthed.”

Little details matter


“This is such an integral part of birth photography in terms of capturing all the little details – the measurements, soft downy skin of the baby, the newborn head and all of the things that change so quickly.”

Nothing else matters


“I just love seeing couples birthing their babies together. Nothing else matters in that moment, there is only one thing to do today and it’s to bring this baby into the world and they gather such strength from each other. It is just exquisite to witness.”

Meant to be


“Is he just not the cutest little spunk ever? To me it’s just that moment when the baby first stares into your soul, into its mother’s and into it’s father’s soul and knows this is the place it’s meant to be and these are the safest arms to be in.”

Soul searching


“There is a saying that a woman in labour has to go off to the stars to collect the soul of her baby and bring it back to earth and this photo kind of represents that to me. She has gone to find her baby and bring the soul of her baby back to be born.”



“This couple was so connected in their labour and they really did birth that baby together. They got such strength off each other, it was such an incredible and beautiful labour.”

In awe


“This is what I love, not just capturing the strength and the emotion of the woman but of a partner, who is just so in awe of the process and that this can really just happen in front of their eyes.”



“This is really special. This couple had lost a baby the year before so this was a particularly exquisite moment where finally they had a live baby to hug. It was incredible.”



“It’s the tininess of a baby and the strength of a father. It’s those safe arms. I love this one.” 

(via Jerusha Sutton)

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